Mollon PRO Monophase UV/LED Vernis is anelastic monophase nail polish, the revolution in natural nail styling using the light-curing method. The new generation of light-curing photoinitiators enables polymerisation of a nail polish with UV and LED light which considerably reduces the time of manicure. Monophase is the durable styling without the use of a base coat or a top coat – no base, no top, only color and immediateeffect of dry nails. The nail polish is safe for natural nail plate. The manicure is safe for nails.


  • Nail polish formula
  • Cured with UV or LED light
  • 3in1 – base + top + color
  • No wiping after light-curing
  • Does not shrink under the lamp
  • Immediate dry manicure effect
  • Intense, durable color after two thin coats
  • Does not dye the natural nail plate
  • Long-lasting effect of enamel
  • manicure: up to 10 days
  • Express, non-invasive removal in 3 minutes

Recommended for natural nail plate. Can also be used with other stylingmethods, e.g. gel or acryl. Professional, flat brush considerably facilitates application of color.