New, innovative generation of hybrid manicure cured in UV or LED light. Contains Pistacia Lentiscus resin extract with reinforcing and thickening nail plate properties. Applied like a nail polish, resistant like a gel. Manicure lasts even 14 days. Resistant to scratches; removed without
damaging the plate (without filing) – by the use of a remover within 5-7 min. Safe for the nails.


The first on the market hybrid nail polish with Pistacia Lentiscus resin extract!
– nail plate care properties
– two thin coats ensure perfect coverage
– high quality color pigments
– wide range of unique colors
Directions for use:
Mix thoroughly by rolling the bottle before use.
Apply the color like a nail polish, onto a hybrid
base. Apply two thin coats of the color
and cure each for 2 minutes with UV light
or for 1 minute with LED light.